How does GeeksDeck work?

How does GeeksDeck work?
28 October 2016 Marcin Tymków

Many people and companies don€™t know how does software houses work. I can€™t tell you how other companies work, but I will show you, how is it done by our Geeky team.

The beginning

Our work starts even before we sign an agreement with you. At the beginning we estimate project based on your specification and we prepare suggestions for the best way to develop project.

development sketches

After we sign the agreement, we ask you to describe the look of the application or to show us examples of apps, which design you like the most. Basing on that information, we prepare mocks that fit your needs. Then we make app which is functional and easy to use for everyone. As soon as you accept it we start organising our developers€™ job.

Project management


In the next step GeeksDeck€™s project manager creates tasks in our project management system. That allows our developers to work more efficiently. Our weekly cycles of development show you the progress of our work and the time we€™ve already spent on it. By this you know exactly what your current expenses are and if our work is proportional to them.

Also, every week/day you receive an updated version of the application, so you can give us your feedback


geeksdeck invoice

This solution is appropriate for you, because you know exactly how much time our developer spent on creating every part of the application.
In our latest project, Mój Kalendarz Ciąży, our Client was able to add extra functions to the application, as she know exact amount of money she has already paid, and she was ready to spend additional one without exceeding her budget.

Professional job

google play ratings

When the application is ready, we help you to submit your app to the Google Play Store / App Store. After the app available to download, we are happy about finished work, so we share our success with the world on our social media profiles (if you agree) so more people can find your new application!

If you have an idea for the project, feel free to contact us!

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